What are the different kinds of liposuction that can help with chins with fatty deposits?

Chins with fatty deposits can be addressed with tumescent liposuction.  The treatment area is numbed with lidocaine, tiny incisions are made under the chin and each ear. A micro cannula is inserted and a dilute solution of local anesthetic is pumped in to numb the area.  The fatty tissue then plumps up and a micro cannula is used to manipulate and break up the fat, and a vacuum pump sucks out the fat cells. This is generally done to shape the lower facial structure to balance the face or redefine the chin contour.  Depending on how much fat needs to be removed, the surgeon may decide that a neck lift or facelift are also necessary to tighten the facial and neck skin since the skin may become increasingly saggy when the underlying fat is removed.  Older patients with less elastic skin may need the additional procedure of face or neck lift to tighten the facial and neck areas.

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