How long does it take for rhinoplasty to heal? Pinocchio

Hello Pinocchio, it takes about 12 weeks for rhinoplasty to heal.  Some factors that influence healing are oxygenation, infections, age, presence of sex hormones, stress, diabetes, medications, obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking, and nutrition.  To facilitate the healing process, it is critical to follow post-op instructions: Elevating the head during sleep; don’t bump the nose; Don’t work out for 2 weeks post op;  Follow a low salt diet to minimize fluid retention in the nasal tip; Eat soft foods for 1-2 weeks post op; Avoid wearing glasses for 4 weeks post op – if you really need to,  tape them onto your forehead; No nose blowing 2 – 12 weeks post op;  Take pain relievers as needed; Take a nap –sleeping promotes healing; and lastly, be patient.  Swelling can take weeks, months, even a year or two to totally subside.