I just turned 16 and I just had a chemical peel. My doctor said I should use sunscreen. What’s the best type for someone my age? What do you think of self tanners? Joe

Hi Joe, new skins emerges after a chemical peel.  Sunscreen should be applied daily as a form of protection outside, it’s important to choose a good sunscreen that won’t irritate your skin. Some of the zinc based sun blocking agents will be less irritating than others. You can use a moisturizing type of sunscreen especially on the face because it’s practical after you wash in the morning to put on a daily moisturizing sunscreen. There are some foundations with sunscreen – foundation with less than SPF 15, should be supplemented with sunscreen beneath whatever will be applied to the skin. Sunscreen with 15+ SPF is usually adequate enough for most skin types. It basically gets between 93 and 94% of the suns removed.