I’m looking to get a cheek lift but want to avoid taking an excessive amount of pain medication. Are there any alternatives?

First of all, undergoing any type of surgical procedure is nerve-wracking. While most people manage their own anxiety symptoms over time, it’s extremely useful to implement techniques and strategies to help manage it and mitigate the effects. There are those who listen to music and relax. Speaking to people who have had the procedure so that you know what to expect can help avoid anxiety and resulting stress.  Having a supportive person be with you to help take care of you can also alleviate discomfort and unnecessary exertion.  It’s important to understand that a cheek lift will involve some degree of discomfort but the pain can be controlled with oral medication.  The surgery process itself, done under sedation, should not involve pain.  The discomfort felt during the recovery process should decrease over the first week and be controlled with medication prescribed by you surgeon.  Not engaging in vigorous activity will decrease stress on the incisions and speed recovery.  Use narcotic medication judiciously and there should not be concern of excessive medication. However, don’t discount the power of natural remedies such as music and relaxation, as mentioned before. There have been studies that showcased that certain individuals who listened to music prior to the procedure had a lesser need for narcotic medication.