I will be having a lateral brow lift in a week’s time and will need to move house 2 weeks after that procedure. Is this ok? How long should one rest after such a procedure? Hercules

Hi Hercules,

It is best to avoid lifting heavy things after any surgery for at least a week. Since you plan to have your surgery in a week’s time and the move will happen 2 weeks later, there should not be much in terms of complications for you, but be sure to consult with your surgeon to assess your degree of healing and the effect of lifting objects. Some patients who undergo a brow lift can get elevated blood pressure and bleeding, which is not desirable after surgery. Key to avoiding these complications, is following post-op care guidelines: avoid hitting/bumping your face and brow; avoid picking up heavy objects; sleep with the head elevated with a couple of pillows for 1-2 weeks after surgery; avoid straining during bowel elimination (a laxative will be helpful + proper diet, plenty of water and walking); no smoking during recovery; no sun exposure for 3 months.

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