Is it safe to have multiple procedures at the same time? Thinking of having liposuction and a face lift so it’s a one time thing? Jack

Hi Jack, the viability of having several procedures done at the same time depends on the length and nature of the operations.  Large scale lipo has had some percentage of significant complications as there is just a lot of fluid being sucked out of the body, and a lot of fluid being put in for the anaesthesia, you can easily have a major operation that last 5 hours. Then adding a face lift, also another major procedure, it may not always be a very good idea. I understand how you’d like to have everything done in one sitting, it is better to split it up into two trips to the operating room. So basically, all these factors have to come into play, the length of the operation and the nature of the operation, not to mention the patient’s own particular condition — their physiology, how they are known to heal. If a patient is a slow healer, it makes sense to be a little more conservative and have two separate operations