Which is more effective, Artefill or fat injections? ­­­Orly

Hi Orly, the biggest difference between these two types of fillers is how long the results last. The results from Artefill injections lasts only a few months and it can’t be used on thinner skin and should not be used to correct crow’s feet. Also when an Artefill injection is given, the solution not only acts as a dermal filler, but its microspheres also stimulate the body to produce its own collagen. As the injected collagen slowly degrades naturally, the newly produced collagen replaces it. This is what gives Artefill long-lasting, almost permanent results. These injections are administered by the doctor directly into the Nasolabial folds. Unlike fillers such as fat, Artefill does not need to be over-injected to correct wrinkles. Because of the filler’s composition, the results of an Artefill injection will be seen immediately and will not begin to fade too quickly.