Why do I need a breast lift along with implants if I have saggy skin?

To achieve a desired shape and surface quality for the breast, it may be recommended to have a breast lift together with breast implants.  The breast lift will add volume to the breasts, reshaping it and adding volume.  Often, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher, more youthful position.  The two surgeries can be combined in a procedure known as a breast lift with implants or an augmentation mastopexy.  Having both procedures is recommended when you have excess skin, and just have a breast augmentation without the breast lift.  The implant will end up at the bottom of the breast a short time after surgery and will make the skin sag even worse.  It is best to have both procedures together otherwise the augmentation will be a disappointment.  If you have excess skin and go to a surgeon who tells you that you can get away with just an augmentation, seek a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon or you most likely end up unhappy with your result.