Seattle Bellevue – Who is a good candidate for Blepharoplasty Surgery? China Doll

Hi China Doll, more than the physical criteria of who would benefit most from this type of procedure, the psychological factor that counts the most is that one has realistic expectations about eyelid surgery. Although the procedure improves your appearance, enhances your self-esteem you should not hope that eyelid surgery will make other people treat you differently. It’s important to remember that this procedure will not necessarily improve your looks to match your ideals.  You need to be in fairly good physical shape and psychologically stable, inspite of being annoyed with drooping upper lids and puffiness of lower eyelids. There are no gender or racial/ethnic limgeneral itations for candidates to have eyelid surgery performed. But most tend to be 35+ years, but since drooping eyelids can be an inherited  condition, there are those that might consider blepharoplasty at a younger age if droopy eyelids and puffy bags under their eyes run in their family. You have to be very realistic about surgery results.